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Devoted to our customers There are no big or small clients for us. We concentrate all our experience and professionalism on each individual case. Supporting the business We are proud that our customers gain an advantage in their business every day through our advice We deliver what we promise We provide tailored advice and deliver it the right way to achieve the desired results. Full transparency. No surprises. Dedicated to law With over 35 years of experience, we continue to strive to be the best lawyers in our field. Every day. With over 35 years of experience, we continue to strive to be the best lawyers in our field. Every day.

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Slide Full range business advisor
Mladenov Law Firm Rusev Mladenova provides а service to companies, individual consultations for the business.
Slide Bankruptcy Our lawyers have extensive experience in debtor's insolvency proceedings. Slide Mergers & Аcquisitions Our team has a long history of strong experience in dealings with cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Slide Corporate law Our team has undisputed reputation as a leader in corporate matters and is capable to provide advice on proper corporate governance and business development. Slide Contracts and agreements We provide a strong protection of our client`s interest by forming statements of intent on their behalf. Slide Tax and Taxation Our tax department lawyers will produce tailored basic models in accordance with the tax legislation and the customer`s requirements and their business needs. Slide Child support / Child maintenance We are well aware of the importance of child support and how big of a role it plays in raising a child. Slide Divorce Attorney (Family law) The experience of our team provides you with a quick and discreet approach in divorce cases. Slide Debtor's Protection
Representation before private enforcement agent and public enforcement agent (Bailiffs).
Slide Collection of receivables (Debt collection)
Competent protection in case of intentional "impoverishment" of the debtor.
Slide Real estate
We have a strong real estate team who is able to provide the right advice for establishing building right.
Slide Insurance law
Our team can prepare written objections in case of refusal of an insurer to pay insurance indemnity.
Slide Intellectual Property
The IP team of Mladenov Rusev Mladenova has extensive experties in intellectual property matters such as protection and registration of trademarks, design, etc.
Slide Labour law & Employment
As experts in labor law, we provide protection of an employee in case of an accident at work, illegal dismissal or disciplinary punishment.
Slide Criminal law
Preparation of a lawsuit, complaint, signal, civil claim, rehabilitation.
Slide Public & administrative law Our team will be of help with consultations and representation before administrative bodies, including in public procurement and privatization procedures. Slide Dispute resolution
Our dispute resolution team is a leader with over 35 years of experience in resolving disputes, offering fast and uncompromising solutions.






What makes us different

Attorney Mladenov Business law

Individual customer care

There are no two identical cases for our team. We understand the needs of our clients and we take their cases personally. That`s why offer an individual approach and specific advice to each case to achieve maximum satisfaction and deliver the best results by being the best team of lawyers we can be.

Lawyer Mladenov Negotiation

We speak the same language as our clients

We`re passionate about law and we strive to reach the greatest protection to our client`s interests. We are the best lawyers we can be and provide our best service through our firm belief in delivering working solutions to every business and individual. Our drive to deliver maximum results in critical situations makes our practice distinguishable and unique. We are proud to deliver our finest service in our working languages - Bulgarian, English, Russian, French, German.

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Effective Communication

We understand the importance of any business decision and strive to provide the best legal service we are capable of. That is why we invest a great deal of our time to achieve efficient and continuous communication with our customers following each case and its development.


Continuous improvement

Our team is up to date not only with the constantly evolving legislation but also with the development of the latest technological innovations, which we integrate into our work. We encourage all lawyers from Mladenov Law Firm Rusev Mladenova to be a better version of themselves every day in order to be a more sustainable, more valuable, and more useful team of lawyers for their clients.


N. Gospodinov
M. Mladenov

Our clients

We have worked with clients from all over Europe, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the USA, Canada, and others. Our team of lawyers operates in each of our working languages - Bulgarian, English, Russian, French, and German.

What they say about us

Mr. Mladenov`s office has been the legal aid of choice for me and my business for over 15 years now! I have always relied on the practical advice of his team and I have never been disappointed. He is an excellent lawyer for bankruptcy, commercial disputes and I recommend his work to anyone looking for a high quality protection for their business.
Deya Arabadzhieva

What they say about us

I have used the services of the law office several times in recent years. The service is always fast and of high quality - 5/5!
Simeon Nanev

What they say about us

I recommend to everyone who needs top tier legal services!
Tzvetana Christov

What they say about us

I am extremely pleased with the high professionalism, good attitude and legal information explained in simple terms by the lawyers in the law firm. I am grateful for the solution to the legal problem I have encountered, and I strongly recommend that anyone who does not know the laws in-depth consult these professionals. I guarantee you that you will be satisfied and you will save a lot of time and nerves. So far I have not used legal services, but the result is definitely worth it. THANK YOU once again for a job well done.
Ani Kamenova

What they say about us

I am infinitely grateful to Mr. Mladenov and the team for the provided help and for solving a rather difficult case of mine!
Margarita Markova

What they say about us

Exceptional professionals I have always relied on unconditionally. They are always available for competent advice and professional help. Thanks to Adv. Mladenov and the team!
Mihail Bratov

What they say about us

Extremely high level of professionalism, understanding and kind attitude! Thank you very much!
Polina Yordanova

What they say about us

The legal help I received from Mr. Mladenov is highly professional and of exceptional quality. He manages to deal with difficult and complicated situations in which he finds a unique way out. I am grateful for the help and the quick reaction. I can only recommend it!
Stoycho Stoychev