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Full range business advisor

Mladenov Law Firm Rusev Mladenova provides full monthly service to companies, individual consultations for the business. Monitoring and interpretation of all legislative changes relevant to the dynamic development of the business. We provide legal support to businesses of all kinds in critical situations, and ensure our best legal representation in business negotiations.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in debtor’s insolvency proceedings.
Declaration of bankruptcy of own company.
Representation before a court in insolvency proceedings.
Optimizing the financial situation. Preservation of the property in case of insolvency.

Mergers & Аcquisitions

We represent the interests of clients seeking growth and development of their business through mergers and acquisitions in business areas such as manufacturing, construction, infrastructure projects, finance, wholesale and retail.
Our team has a strong experience in dealings with cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate law

Our team has undisputed reputation as a leader in corporate matters and is capable to provide advice on proper corporate governance and business development.
The lawyers from the Corporate and Commercial Department provide the necessary documents and offer representation before the public authorities (Commercial Register, Registry agency, etc) in case of transfer of assets and shares (incl. in-kind contribution (non-monetary contribution)), increase and decrease of capital, company name changes, etc. We will take care of the publication of the annual financial report, inactivity of the company, invitation to shareholders.
The Corporate and Commercial Department can easily register your company remotely.

Contracts and agreements

Our reputable team of well-established legal professionals will ensure secure transactions for the client`s individual needs and will draw up any necessary documentation for: purchase or sale of goods, transportation, rent, manufacturing and production contracts, donation, substitution, purchase or sale of property (real estate transaction), loan, insurance contract, commission contract, etc. We believe that our clients and any business deserve the best legal service we can offer. That is why we provide expert consultations on already prepared contracts and other papers. We provide a strong protection of our client`s interest by forming statements of intent on their behalf.

Tax and Taxation

Our Тax team has the experience and capacity to prepare the necessary objections and documentation against tax reports, when appealing official acts of taxation authorities;
Our tax department lawyers will produce tailored basic models in accordance with the tax legislation and the customer`s requirements and their business needs. Mladenov Rusev Mladenova`s Tax Department Team can help with organizing a defence strategy to appeal any penal decrees, and will ensure protection against the revision act of the national revenue agency and public authorities.
Our expert team will consult your business in regard to any tax statements (tax declarations) and consolidated tax returns.

Child support / Child maintenance

We are well aware of the importance of child support and how big of a role it plays in raising a child. In today`s dynamic world with ever increasing cost of living, our experts can help any parent (custodial or non-custodial) to file claims for determining or increasing the amount of child support.

Divorce Attorney (Family law)

The experience of our team provides you with a quick and discreet approach in divorce cases, as well as divorce settlements.
Our lawyers with experience in family law will answer the questions about the consequences of a divorce: distribution of property, child custody, alimony (spousal support), child visitation / access, parenting time, child support, and division of debt, as well as claims under Article 128 of the Family Code – personal relations of a child with their grandparents.
Our team will provide expert advice in international divorce cases and in cases of marriage annulment.

Debtor's Protection

You will find an expert defense and an enforcement lawyer for protection against illegal actions and acts of a private enforcement agent (Bailiff), and appeal of those acts, contestation of a claim. Representation before private enforcement agent and public enforcement agent (Bailiffs).

Collection of receivables (Debt collection)

Our team of professionals will ensure a protection of your rights as a creditor and will help you collect overdue debts from debtors. We provide assistance by consulting and taking enforcement action against the unlawful actions of a debtor through injunctive proceedings, private enforcement or court proceedings.
Competent protection in case of intentional “impoverishment” of the debtor.

Real estate

Our experienced legal team is competent with a full range of real estate transactions, whether it is a purchase or sale of real estate. Our lawyers can study the whole history of any property – the presence of foreclosure, mortgage, other drawbacks. We will provide a complete reference in the property register. Our team can help with the preparation of the necessary documentation – preliminary contract, notary deed, cadastral map, applications, declarations, etc., as well as the necessary entries in the property register.
We have a strong real estate team able to provide the right advice for establishing building right.

Insurance law

Our team of experienced insurance lawyers will assist you in insurance cases against isurance companies and will provide the best legal insurance advice in the event of accidents and other insurance events throughout the country. Our team can prepare written objections in case of refusal of an insurer to pay insurance indemnity (damages), as well as initiate a claim against an insurer under a valid insurance policy.

Intellectual Property

The IP team of Mladenov Rusev Mladenova has extensive expertise in intellectual property matters such as protection and registration of trademarks, industrial design, utility model, copyright, know-how, etc. The IP team will help you with Copyright transfers, thorough trademark research, trade secret advice, IP litigation and unfair competition.

Labour law & Employment

As experts in labor law, we provide protection of an employee in case of an accident at work, illegal dismissal or disciplinary punishment. Protection against non-compliance with labor legislation and labor rights. Our expert employment lawyer will protect you from illegal clauses in your employment contract before signing. We will protect you from void clauses in your employment contract that infringe on your rights as an employee. Consultation in case of labor offenses related to temporary incapacity for work due to illness (sick leave), long term leave, pregnancy (maternity) and others.

Criminal law

Mladenov Rusev Mladenova`s skilled lawyers can provide adequate consultation, procedural representation before bodies – criminal court, district prosecutor’s office, etc. in cases of misconduct. Preparation of a lawsuit, complaint, signal, civil claim, rehabilitation.

Public & administrative law

Administrative fines and administrative procedures are handled by the firm`s team of skilled lawyers. You will find competent professionals to appeal penal decrees, revision acts of the public administration, and other sanctions. The law firm`s team will be of help with consultations and representation before administrative bodies, including in public procurement, tenders and privatization procedures.

Dispute resolution

Mladenov Rusev Mladenova`s dispute resolution team has over 35 years of experience in resolving disputes, offering fast and uncompromising solutions. We strive to deliver the best legal protection in litigation before all civil, administrative and criminal courts, as well as before arbitration courts – in Stara Zagora, the region and throughout Bulgaria.
Our lawyers combine proactive attitude and focus with their know-how of the dispute resolution sector to deliver their best experience to the business and individuals and thus protect the legal interests of our clients.