General Conditions

The relations between the firm and the clients are stipulated in a contract.
The general conditions stipulate the relations between the firm and the clients in the process of the assignment and granting of legal assistance and services.
Every order is considered assigned to the firm, irrespectively of which lawyer undertakes it.

Control of the execution of the assigned order
We inform our clients about the progress of their order in a timely and diligent manner. We also control the quality and the punctual execution of every order. Our clients have full access to the documents related to their case at all times.

The information received by the firm, or acquired during the service, is treated as confidential, irrespectively whether received directly from the client, their documents or from third parties in connection with their cases.
The documents and the positions, drafted and executed by the lawyers in the firm shall be used only by the clients they are designated for and cannot be transferred to third parties without our prior explicit consent. All the documents are returned to the client upon request or are stored in our filing department for a period of 5 years after which they are destroyed.

The agreed fees depend on the professional competence of the lawyers and the time spent for the completion of each order.
The expenses related to court proceedings and correspondences are not included in the lawyers’ fees and are due additionally. The expenses include stamp fees, currier’s services, transportation, business trips, photocopying, fax and telephone. Upon withdrawal of the order by the client, the amounts paid as fees are not subject to reimbursement.

If the payment is not effected within the agreed term we have the right to cancel the execution of the order.

We offer several payment options to our clients as follows:

Fees for lawsuits and procedural representation
They are determined on the basis of the amount of the defended interest.

Subscription service
The subscription service is a permanent legal assistance, related to the specific activity of the client, as well as systematic servicing of the legal issues that may arise during the subscription period. The subscription fees are subject to negotiation between the firm and the client and are based on the estimated and real volume of the work. This form of legal assistance can be realized through oral or written consultations, document preparation, participation in negotiations, reviewing of correspondences and coordination of documents in line with the changes in the legislation in the specific field of activity of the client. This form saves the costs from the establishing and maintaining own legal department in the enterprise.

Legal assistance per hour
This form of legal assistance is executed on the basis of services rendered per hour. It is very suitable for those clients who use our services occasionally or on a specific matter for which it is not possible to define the volume of our legal engagement in advance.

Execution of one-time orders with a fixed fee
This form of legal assistance is offered mainly when one-time service is needed (consultation, drafting of specific documents, preparation of legal analyses, etc.) whose volume can be estimated accurately. This form is suitable for those clients who use our services once.