Legal Practices

Commercial Law – substantive and procedural representation
Consultations, preparation of contracts and other trade transactions, participation in negotiation processes for protection of predefined interests, representation in establishing of trade companies, resolution of disputes, liquidation and insolvency and the related legal actions.

Contract Law – substantive and procedural representation
Preparation of various types of contracts and transactions depending on the predefined interest. Consultation on already prepared contracts and other documentation. Perfections of declarations of will by authorized representatives of legal entities and persons. Procedural representation in contractual disputes resolutions.

Tax and Finance Law – substantive and procedural representation
Preparation of appeals against taxation reports; appealing against taxation deeds; preparation of models in line with the taxation legislation, directed at the protection against negative development of the investment activities of traders; appealing against penal decrees.Matrimonial law and Law of Succession – substantive and procedural representation
Procedural representation in divorce cases, dissolution of marriage and the settlement of the consequences related to personal and property relations of the ex-spouses, legal aid in international civil relations.

Penal Law
Consultations and representations during preliminary proceedings, investigation and court proceedings; procedural representation.

Intellectual property and copyright – representation
Consultations related to copyright registration procedures and protection, trade-marks registration and protection and the related rights.

Procedural representation before all civil, administrative and penal courts in the Republic of Bulgaria and Arbitration bodies.

Administrative Law
Consultations and representation before administrative bodies, administrative procedures including public contracts, tenders and privatization procedures.